XipLink helps Telenor Satellite deliver landline like performance at Sea

Non-stop connectivity meets high passenger demand for faster and reliable connectivity

XipLink Inc., the technology leader in hybrid network optimization, is excited to announce the use of XipLink optimization solution by, our long-term partner, Telenor Satellite, to help meet their Ferry customers demand for higher speeds and reliable service, while at sea.

XipLink’s industry leading acceleration and optimization technology not only helped Telenor Satellite meet the higher capacity requirement but also helped greatly improve the quality of experience for passengers and crew. The end users experienced internet service similar to their land-based services. They were able to not only browse the internet but also perform day-to-day transactions like banking and email.

XipLink’s XipOS optimization solution provides seamless connectivity over multi-path networks, automatically managing bandwidth, optimizing and steering sessions between the available hybrid links. With 2-3x faster downloads, 30% improvement in browsing speeds, combined with intelligent bandwidth estimation and QoS, it significantly enhances performance and delivers a very high-quality end user experience.

For more details visit, https://www.telenorsat.com/at-sea-connectivity-with-land-line-performance/

To find out more about Telenor Satellite, visit www.telenorsat.com

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