Resilient Satellite Trunking

Resilient Satellite Trunking / Backup Networks

Satellite-based backup connectivity is ideal for remote locations such as islands or distant areas where fiber services are limited. Disruptions to fiber or other terrestrial services can take considerable time to resolve due to various factors. Satellite services, whether via GEO, MEO, or LEO orbits, offer a simple yet effective backup option to maintain connectivity during such outages.

XipLink Multi-Orbit SD-WAN is widely deployed in such networks. It offers unparalleled flexibility and expands connectivity options to meet the growing demands of reliability, redundancy, scalability, and cost-efficiency. XipLink’s XipOS efficiently manages and simplifies the complex task of link bonding and automatic rerouting of traffic to available links while ensuring optimal application performance, when primary fiber services are disrupted. It incorporates advanced protocol acceleration and optimization techniques to prevent degradation of service quality.

Resilient Satellite Backup

XipOS effectively integrates multiple technologies, such as fiber, satellite, and microwave links, into a hybrid network architecture that offers robustness and reliability. Beyond balancing traffic across all available links, its real-time Link Intelligence algorithm automatically redirects traffic to backup links upon primary link failure. Known for its protocol optimization techniques, XipOS ensures consistent application performance regardless of the active link(s).

Solution Benefits

XipLink’s Multi-Orbit SD-WAN connectivity offers several advantages when used to automatically manage backup and failover networking. Some of these are:

Satellite Backup Benefits

Use Cases

XipLink Multi-Orbit SD-WAN solution is implemented by many customers to meet their unique requirements. Some of the use cases are:

Satellite Backup  Use Cases

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