Product Data Sheets

XipLink Software Optimization Products

Enhance user experience and network efficiency while securely scaling hybrid networks

XipLink technology delivers the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization, assuring the best possible ‘goodput’ at a reasonable cost. The technology has been perfected over decades of intense and dedicated focus in the Wireless Link Optimization environment and includes multiple mechanisms that operate at several layers of the networking stack.

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XipLink Hardware Platforms

Reliable SDN Platforms

XipLink offers a carefully curated but comprehensive range of networking platforms that address scalability requirements demanded by modern software defined networking applications.

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XS 104 Specialty Product

The XS-104 is a PC-104 form factor platform for harsh environments, supporting up to 16Mbps and 4,000 TCP sessions.

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Adding XipLink’s IPsec VPN software to an existing accelerator or optimizer appliance can reduce operating costs by eliminating a second device.

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XipLink’s SCPS Accelerator software to an optimizer appliance, supporting up to 2Gbps and 300,000 TCP sessions.

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