XipLink Announces XipOS 6.6 General Availability

Enhancing Multi-Orbit networking, advanced traffic steering and bonding, and high performance

XipLink Inc., the technology leader in optimized, secure and intelligent multi-orbit networking, is pleased to announce completion of controlled introduction testing and release for general availability of XipOS 6.6. Production networks were rolled out using new 6.6.x versions at several leading organizations that dramatically enhanced the performance in a multi-orbit environment, including GEO, LEO and 4G/5G networks. These deployments leverage XipLink’s mature Link Balancing and Bonding technology that is now enhanced with additional traffic management features and an improved intelligent bandwidth estimation algorithm to achieve significantly higher aggregate capacities and session counts while improving uptime, service consistency and end user experience.

Some key benefits in XipOS release 6.6.x include:

  • XipOS 6.6.x introduces an updated Linux base OS and a common XV kernel to allow licensing a generic XV image for any supported level of scale, from 6Mb and 1,000 TCP sessions to 1Gb and 150,000 TCP sessions.
  • A new password policy management tool which allows definition, management and control of the password policy implemented network wide for XipLink devices.
  • Selective Stream Duplication provides increased robustness for mission critical traffic.
  • A new Buffer Boost feature to sustain peak performance on lossy and error prone links such as best effort LEO satellite links.
  • Support 24 links for link balancing, bonding and Traffic Steering.
  • Improved link bonding allows more flexibility in combining links to bond.
  • New Traffic Steering selectors for loss thresholds.

The new XipOS 6.6 software is available today for new XA appliance shipments and XV virtual machine software distributions (VNF) as well as a free upgrade to any customers on paid TAC support. For customers not on support, please contact your XipLink representative for upgrade options.

About XipLink, Inc.
XipLink is the leading global technology provider of optimized, secure and intelligent multi-orbit networking using standards based SCPS protocol acceleration, Link Bonding, Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing, with advanced QoS to deliver a better wireless experience over any stressed communication link. XipLink is an independent privately-owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), integration facilities in Ashburn, Virginia (USA) and field personnel worldwide. For more information about XipLink please visit www.xiplink.com.

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For more information about XipLink please visit www.xiplink.com