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Intelligent Multi-Path Mobility Networks

XipLink field proven technology optimizes wireless links that experience significant latency, asymmetric connections, and high bit error rates, characteristics that are consistent across any mobile communications network. XipLink has close to 2 decades of experience in supporting communications on the move (COTM) and communications on the pause (COTP) in aero, maritime and land-based connectivity.

Mobility Solution


XipLink has been a pioneer in delivering advanced optimization solutions tailored for the maritime industry for over two decades. Our cutting-edge technology, including intelligent Link Balancing and Bonding, empowers maritime businesses to achieve Gigabit connectivity, enhancing operational efficiency and elevating the user experience at sea.

With XipLink's multi-orbit SD-WAN solution, maritime operators can embrace service diversity, mitigate blockages, and optimize costs while seamlessly meeting the escalating demand for bandwidth and high performance. Our solutions have been successfully deployed in a variety of maritime settings, including cruise ships, commercial shipping vessels, yachts, and ferries.


XipLink technology was the pioneer in the industry, introducing the concept of optimized multi-path connectivity to deliver consistent, reliable, and accelerated internet services for in-flight connectivity, even over constrained wireless links. At the forefront of this innovation is XipLink's pioneering SCPS technology, seamlessly integrated with intelligent link bonding and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms.

Experience unparalleled internet connectivity in the skies with XipLink. Our solution ensures high-speed internet access, reliable connections, and a superior quality of experience for passengers and service providers alike. By optimizing the usage of available links, XipLink technology maximizes bandwidth utilization, even in challenging airborne environments.


XipLink technology revolutionizes internet connectivity for travelers, offering seamless and optimized communications across various modes of transportation, including trains, cars, and public transport. Our solution intelligently manages traffic over diverse communication links such as 4G/5G, LEO, or GEO satellites, ensuring reliable connectivity regardless of location or network conditions.

Experience faster streaming, smoother browsing, and enhanced productivity during your journey with XipLink. Our adaptive optimization techniques automatically adjust to the type of link, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability wherever you travel.

Mobility Benefits

Xiplink industry leading technology delivers many benefits to operators and users that deploy the solution in different mobility environments. Some of the benefits are:

Mobility Benefits

Use Cases

XipLink mobility solution is deployed worldwide to address many different requirements. Some of the use cases are:

Mobility Use Cases

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