Xiplink and DynaSys Networks Awarded Cellular Backhaul Optimization Project in Central Asia

Optimize 2G Cellular Voice over Satellite and provides Path to simple 4G/5G migration

XipLink Inc., the technology leader in Wireless Link Optimization, and DynaSys Networks, an up-and-coming Systems Integrator, are pleased to announce that XipLink’s industry leading Cellular optimization solution has been chosen by a Central Asian Mobile Network Operator. The project delivery is a combination of DynaSys’ services and Xiplink’s technology delivering the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization, assuring the best possible ‘goodput’ and high performance. The network will support XipLink’s Advanced Cellular Compression (ACC) which includes XipLink Realtime optimization (XRT), to support the current 2G voice services. The MNO will implement XipLink to optimize the cellular backhaul bandwidth with header compression, packet coalescing, and QoS, but more importantly enables the MNO to easily migrate to 4G/5G services over satellite links when ready.

“It’s a great step forward for DynaSys, now having expanded its customer base and service delivery footprint to Central Asia. We’re ever grateful to our customers for the trust they have in our capabilities. Our partnership with XipLink, both technical and commercial, has been excellent. Having had exposure to their technology for a while now, this project has further strengthened our confidence in XipLink’s products.” stated Ali Akhtar, Founder & CEO, DynaSys Networks.

“XipLink is very excited to have partnered with DynaSys to support the requirement of not only optimization of the current 2G services increasing the ARPU, but also enabling the MNO customer to simplify their migration to 4G/5G services, when they upgrade in the near future.”, said Omar Diab, Vice President Global Sales for XipLink. “XipLink’s Advanced Cellular Compression includes GTP transparency, Packet Coalescing, Header Compression, and Acceleration that can be combined with the other supported techniques such as Advanced QoS, Link Balancing and Bonding to provide the highest performance and the fastest ROI to MNOs.”

About XipLink, Inc. 
XipLink, a pioneer in wireless link optimization, is leading the way to multi-path and multi-orbit hybrid networking. XipLink’s award winning XipOS software seamlessly integrates satellite, cellular, and terrestrial networks using industry standard SCPS TCP Acceleration, advanced link bonding / balancing, Traffic Steering, QoS and Encryption to deliver a significantly improved user experience over stressed communication links. XipOS is successfully deployed in many vertical industries including maritime, military, cellular backhaul and telco infrastructure. XipLink is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), integration facilities in Ashburn, Virginia (USA) and field personnel worldwide. For more information about XipLink please visit www.xiplink.com.

About DynaSys Networks
DynaSys Networks is a technology startup based in Pakistan and the UAE, focused on driving innovation in Product Development and Systems Integration. DynaSys’ passion for Product Development encompasses IoT and Space, and the Systems Integration expertise covers Satellite Communications, Cybersecurity and Networking Solutions. For more information about DynaSys Networks, please visit www.dynasysnetworks.com

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DynaSys Networks Contact
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