Technology Overview

XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) Protocol Acceleration

Fills the wireless link to capacity:

  • SCPS-TP based TCP acceleration
    • SCPS and I-PEP compliant for U.S. DoD
  • XipLink Transport Controls (XTC)
    • Fixed Rate Control Mode
    • Dynamic Rate Control Mode
    • Programmable Rate Control
    • Basic Rate Control Mode
  • Advanced Hierarchical QoS Shaping
    • Optimization can be defined per queue

Compression and Caching

Exceeds the wireless link bandwidth

  • Multi-layer of compression
    • Byte caching
    • Stream compression
    • Learning Packet compression
    • Web cache
    • DNS caching
  • Reduces the number of packets

Internet Optimizations

Makes web surfing fast

  • DNS Caching
  • Connection Fast Start
  • QoS Prioritization
  • Dynamic Web Cache

LTE Cellular and Voice Optimizations

Compresses, coalesces and prioritizes real time traffic

  • XipLink Real Time Optimizations
  • GTP and GRE Transparent Interception & Optimization
  • Multi-Queue support

Easy to Install and Manage

  • Intuitive web configuration GUI
  • Realtime traffic stats and graphs
  • Optional XipLink Management System (XMS)
  • Single Centralized Configuration, NEW in XipOS 6!