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XipLink Government & Military Solution

XipLink technology is ideally suited for government & military applications that require high performance over secure networks. XipOS implements industry standard SCPS-TP protocol recommendations and optional functions which provides the highest efficiency and performance, especially over any constrained wireless networks such as GEO or LEO. SCPS-TP is recognized as MIL-STD-2045-44000.

XipLink XipOS software is designed to operate with automatic discovery of SCPS enabled devices - a key requirement for tactical military users. XipOS is a highly scalable, full featured and easy to manage optimization & acceleration solution that works over any topology (Point-to-Point, Star, Mesh). XipLink solution has been implemented in many government and military networks worldwide for over 2 decades. It is optimized for SWaP and available as standard rackmount units or deployed as virtual machines.

Military Main

The XipLink solution has been tested, and excelled, at DISA interoperability testing. XipLink is a recognized leader in SCPS-TP deployments and in particular deployments on dynamic TDMA networks for maximum network utilization. It has been deployed in many US and international military networks.

Customer Benefits

The XipLink government and military solution provides many customer benefits. Some of these are:

Military Benefits

Use Cases

XipLink Government and Defense optimization solution has been deployed worldwide to support many different applications. The highly flexible & scalable solution helps solve many challenges. Some of the use cases are:

Defense Use Cases

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