Military & Government

XipLink Government and Military Applications

XipLink technology is ideally suited for government military applications. Founded on the principles outlined in the industry standard SCPS-TP protocol recommendations, government organizations are assured of industry standards compliance as well as the industry’s leading wireless optimization.

In addition to standardized rackmount units or cloud-based virtual machine deployments, XipLink software can be integrated into arbitrary embedded platforms for deployments into environmentally challenging environments. A sample embedded platform is available as the XS-104. For instance, XipLink has been integrated into widely deployed field radios.

XipLink wireless optimizer software is designed to operate with no end to end configuration - a key requirement for tactical military users. As connections are established across wireless links of any type, user traffic is transparently optimized using a combination of protocol acceleration and data compression to deliver the maximum wireless bandwidth possible.

Wireless optimization from XipLink can operate across any IP network using any underlying wireless communication protocol (Point to Point, Star, Mesh) and is transparent to end users. No changes to source or destination IP addresses are performed so optimized traffic can pass through any level of data encryptors using existing routing and firewall policies that may already be used in the network.

XipLink’s in-kernel implementation can scale to very high bandwidth at very effective price points.

XipLink wireless optimization also works with other Quality of Service techniques that may be in use, maintaining DSCP markings or alternately marking / remarking selected traffic types. SCPS-TP is recognized as MIL-STD-2045-44000, with active endorsement from the U.S. DoD.

The XipLink solution has been tested, and excelled, at DISA interoperability testing. XipLink is a recognized leader in SCPS-TP deployments and in particular deployments on dynamic TDMA networks for maximum network utilization. It has been deployed in many US and international military networks.