XipLink™ Announces Hybrid WAN Aggregation and Optimization Cloud Service

XipNet Service provides multi-link aggregation for Starlink, VSAT and Cellular Data

XipLink Inc., the technology leader in Wireless Link Optimization, is pleased to announce a new value-add cloud network service that provides intelligent aggregation of Starlink LEO combined with traditional GEO/MEO satellites as well as 4G/5G cellular data links into one single bandwidth pool for remote sites requiring higher capacity and always-on connectivity. The XipNet cloud service is the first of its kind to aggregate multiple-orbit satellites with integrated XipOS™ WAN optimization to provide the highest levels of throughput, user experience and capacity up to 1 Gigabit per second for the remote user. For the service providers and integration partners, XipNet offers the opportunity to leverage a worldwide cloud infrastructure service for enhanced performance and aggregation without the need for CAPEX investment in hub optimization technology.

Some key benefits offered by XipNet include:

  • Aggregate up to 24 links for resilient “always on” connectivity and Gigabit class throughput
  • Starlink/GEO/5G ready with support for various speeds and latencies
  • Integrated WAN optimization and SCPS TCP-Acceleration (when required)
  • Enhances user experience by 30% with better response time and 2x-3x faster file transfers (even on LEO)
  • Bandwidth estimation for optimal capacity utilization, especially on-the-move
  • Traffic Steering policies to direct flows on proper paths in various primary and secondary conditions
  • Rapid video ramp-up at the highest quality to support streaming, remote work and critical video delivery
  • Fast recovery and session persistence for path changes, satellite hand-offs and network induced packet loss

Compared to leading aggregation products in the market today, XipNet has considerable advantages including significantly higher throughput, tested at least 33% more capacity utilization, 5x the bandwidth available to the remote user site and no data caps. By combining XipLink’s unique bandwidth estimation capability, WAN optimization, and enterprise-grade Quality of Service enforcement, XipNet maximizes the performance of mission-critical applications, even under adverse conditions.

"In today's highly connected world, the ability to maintain reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity is essential for businesses and executives to operate efficiently”, said Jaco Botha, SVP of Product for XipLink Inc. “This is especially true for companies in the maritime and Oil & Gas industries, where ships and platforms must stay continuously connected to their headquarters and clients worldwide. However, providing dependable connectivity at sea can be a daunting task as vessels move through different regions with varying network infrastructures, weather conditions, and signal strengths."

XipNet Service will be available from May 2023 and can be ordered via select XipLink partners.

Please visit us at Satellite 2023, booth 2803.

About XipLink, Inc.
XipLink is the leading independent global technology provider for wireless link optimization using standards based SCPS protocol acceleration, streaming data compression and Internet optimizations to deliver a better wireless experience over stressed communication links. XipLink is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), integration facilities in Ashburn, Virginia (USA) and field personnel worldwide.

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