Provides higher capacity with VSAT Bandwidth aggregation for nationwide schools

At Satellite 2022, XipLink is pleased to announce several key benefits for customers dealing with a hybrid aggregation of GEO, NGEO, Cellular Data, Terrestrial Wireless, and Wireline links.

XipOS optimization software has supported hybrid Link Balancing and Bonding (LBB) for many years. It allows customers to pool bandwidth from up to eight links for efficient scaling of networks while accelerating all links with Xiplink's award-winning wireless link optimization.

For example, in the maritime cruise industry, the largest operators utilize XipOS for high capacity satellite links with multiple modem pairs in C-Band and Ku-Band to achieve record throughputs in the Gigabit per second range.

Similarly, in the maritime ferry business, three link types using satellite, terrestrial wireless and LTE cellular data are combined in a hybrid network to optimize all available capacity with a guaranteed service level agreement to the ferry operator.

XipOS 6.3
The upcoming XipOS 6.3 release further extends hybrid network capability by adding Traffic Steering intelligence, allowing customers to groom or block individual flows (sessions) to specific links, automatically activated under various conditions. Two good use cases are microwave saturation with overload to satellite and cellular backhaul, allowing existing and reliable C-Band (or Ku-Band) links to be combined with Ka-Band for affordable backhaul capacity with high uptime requirements.

XH-1000 Profile


Xi plink can be deployed as a turnkey appliance (XA), a Virtual Network Function (XV), or embedded into remote devices (XE). At Satellite 2022, we announce the latest appliances, including the high capacity, 1U form factor XA-300K with up to 2 Gigabits per second optimized connections, 300,000 active sessions, and fiber interfaces.

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