XipLink is the established market leader in optimizing VSAT networks. XipLink traces its heritage to being a leading TCP acceleration solution, and has since evolved to a comprehensive WAN optimization solution specifically targeted at satellite and wireless networks. Maximum capacity for a network, and happy users.

XipLink stands out in the VSAT market for a number of reasons.

XipLink incorporates the most scalable WAN optimization solution in this market:

  • Higher accelerated session counts and overall bandwidth than any other.
  • Higher overall bandwidth throughput

The best acceleration in the market

  • Choice of several congestion control algorithms that maximize any type of wireless link.
  • Tightly integrated QoS Shaping and TCP acceleration delivers amazing control

Effective compression and caching

  • Byte caching, learning packet compression, streaming compression
  • Multi-layer compression addresses different protocols at different layers


  • XipLink delivers the lowest cost optimization per bit
  • Simple product line without complicated options

Installation Flexibility

  • Bridge, router, PBR, U-Turn, NAT
  • Link Balancing and Bonding
  • Strong support from XipLink System Engineers
  • Transparent GRE and LTE GTP Optimization
  • IPv6 Support
  • Dramatic PPS reduction
  • It's a Swiss army knife for your network.

Internet Optimization

  • Smart DNS caching
  • Connection Fast Start
  • Web object caching

Completely integrated

  • Other WAN Optimizers won't tell you that they often give up on some important functionality when certain features are enabled.