Secure Networks

Optimizing VPN Secure Networks

Many VSAT operators offer network based acceleration for all their users. However, when a remote branch office installs a VPN encryption device the options used for negotiating an optimized wireless connection are encrypted and not visible to the wireless optimizers. In this case, network optimization is typically disabled and the remote office may suffer from poor performance while the network operator is potentially wasting valuable RF spectrum.

By placing a XipLink accelerator in front of the VPN encryption device at the remote office and a hub accelerator at the headquarters site after the centralized VPN hub, users gain full benefit of TCP acceleration, data compression and remote caching across the secure encrypted tunnel.

Solutions where the optimizer is place in line before an encryption device is also often used when government or military applications must be secured using very high end Type 1 encryption. User traffic is optimized and compressed prior to encryption and can still access the maximum wireless capacity possible.

XipLink’s XA-VPN software module enables a remote office to install both wireless acceleration and a remote VPN service in a single unit. The XA-Series of appliances delivers product solutions that are right sized for the bandwidth as well as number of users.

Additionally, Xiplink devices can apply QoS tags, which may be used by wireless access devices, as well as implement QoS shaping.