Multi-Orbit Hybrid Networks

XipLink's industry leading XipLink Operating System XipOS, offers an advanced solution to manage and support Hybrid Multi-Orbit Networks. Service providers and end users that are considering using Multi-path/Multi-Orbit connectivity to meet their requirements for link aggregation, service resiliency, and cost optimization. The XipLink solution simplifies complex tasks, automates processes, while delivering scalable, high-performance, and resilient non-stop multi-orbit hybrid networking solutions; enhancing the end user’s Quality of Experience (QoE).

XipOS multi-orbit solution is a mature, field proven, technology that has been in use for more than 10 years. Multi-orbit solution has been used in aviation broadband, the first to achieve a record in cruise ship capacities of greater than 1 Gbps. The solution is utilized by many satellite operators and service providers globally. XipOS enhanced algorithms achieve a goodput of >95% (actual end user data throughput), which is about 30% more than most competitive technologies.

The ability of XipOS to automatically adapt to diverse and dynamic link parameters and performance in real-time, such as those in LEO, MEO and GEO satellites, plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience. XipOS' adaptive mechanisms constantly monitor and evaluate link characteristics, allowing XipOS to intelligently transition traffic and applications between satellite and other wireless links, without disrupting user connectivity.

Multi-Orbit Solution

Customer Benefits:

  • Additional capacity at lower cost by augmenting existing GEO connections with NGSO or cellular data (up to 24 links)
  • Highly Scalable remote site capacities from tens of Mbps to Gbps
  • Increased service availability by utilizing multiple, diverse paths with integrated session persistence to maintain end user connection
  • Enhanced performance (2-3x faster transfers) and higher efficiency (95% of capacity), with XipLink Intelligent Dynamic Bandwidth Estimation and other XipOS advanced algorithms
  • Reduce box count by integrating bridge/router function with bonding/balancing and WAN optimization in single platform
  • Manage traffic flows and link priorities with advanced Traffic classification and Traffic Steering policies, at the same time selectively applying QoS and protocol enhancement
  • Automate resiliency and recovery scenarios with no operator intervention or training once policy is set

Use Cases

  • Drastically increase bandwidth by combining existing GEO with lower cost, high capacity LEO or MEO and 4G/5G services
  • Saturated link offload to any hybrid link for SLA compliance, government requirements and improve end customer satisfaction
  • Non-stop networking for production sites like mines and remote factories, combine wireline + terrestrial wireless + cellular data + satellite
  • Improve availability for mobile applications like cruise, ferries, aviation or disaster recovery vehicles, always have two or more connections operational with automatic failover
  • Implement redundancy at the application level, with automatic failover to selected or any available link
  • Jamming avoidance and Interference resistance network for defense/government networks, using link balancing, traffic steering and intelligent bandwidth estimation

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