XipLink Appliances

Enhance user experience and network efficiency while securely scaling hybrid networks

XipLink technology delivers the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization, assuring the best possible ‘goodput’ at a reasonable cost.

 The technology has been perfected over decades of intense and dedicated focus in the Wireless Link Optimization environment and includes multiple mechanisms that operate at several layers of the networking stack.

XipLink provides desktop appliances through to high-speed, fully integrated appliances for deployment to satellite ground stations or hybrid cloud environments. The appliances scale from 1,000 to 300,000 TCP sessions on a desktop or 1U platform. Aggregate throughput beyond 2Gbit/s is delivered via a highly-scalable virtualized blade server.

XipOS software is pre-integrated as a virtual function and is remotely managed using a user-friendly Graphical User Interface or can be centrally managed via XipLink central management software (XMS).

XA Diagram

XipLink Appliance Range Capabilities

Maximum Optimized
TCP Sessions
XA-1K XV-1K XH-1 6 Mbps 1000
XA-2K XV-2K XH-1 10 Mbps 2000
XA-4K XV-4K XH-1 20 Mbps 4000
XA-6K XV-6K XH-10 30 Mbps 6000
XA-10K XV-10K XH-10 50 Mbps 10,000
XA-20K XV-20K XH-10 100 Mbps 20,000
XA-30K XV-30K XH-100 200 Mbps 30,000
XA-60K XV-60K XH-100 400 Mbps 60,000
XA-100K XV-100K XH-100 650 Mbps 100,000
XA-150K XV-150K XH-1000 1.0 Gbps 150,000
XA-200K 2 x XV-100K XH-1000 1.3 Gbps 200,000
XA-300K 2 x XV-150K XH-1000 2.0 Gbps 300,000