Multi-Orbit SD-WAN Networks

Intelligent Link Bonding, Advanced Link Intelligence, Automatic Traffic Steering, High Application Performance with Enhanced QoE across any GEO, MEO, LEO, cellular or terrestrial.

Market Leading Acceleration

Deliver the best User Experience with XipLink’s advanced optimization and acceleration techniques that work in concert with Application aware Quality of Service guarantees.

Application Aware Networking

Artificial Intelligence based Application-aware networking. Real-time IP network traffic visibility for advanced QoS, intelligent traffic steering, firewall and traffic analytics.

Better Wireless

XipLink develops best-in-class link optimization solutions for wireless and hybrid networks that dramatically enhances user experience while delivering a rapid ROI to our customers.

Multi-Orbit Networks

Multi-Orbit SD-WAN Networks

XipLink's field proven multi-orbit SD-WAN solutions provides link bonding of GEO, MEO, LEO, 5G, 4G & Terrestrial IP links, providing intelligent management of bandwidth, optimization and application aware QoS with resiliency and seamless failover.

Multi-Orbit SD-WAN Networks
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Military & Government

With DoD standard based SCPS acceleration and total flexibility for deployment to challenging environments, XipOS is the right solution for anything from backhaul to tactical mobile networks.

Military & Government

Mobility Communication

Address mobility and access challenges of aero, maritime & land communications with a solution that provides increased capacity, seamless connectivity and application performance. Whether for crew welfare or high bandwidth passenger internet, XipOS guarantees smooth travels ahead.

Mobility Networks
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Cellular Backhaul

XipLink’s Mobile Network Optimization (MNO) is a family of features which accelerates and optimizes the transport of 2.5 GSM, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G cellular traffic over satellite, improving the subscriber's experience and reducing capacity cost.

Cellular Backhaul
Satellite Backup Networks

Resilient Satellite Networks

Ensure robust networking and resiliency even in areas with limited or unreliable fiber connectivity. With XipLink’s Multi-Orbit SD-WAN, you can achieve highly efficient trunking for remote locations, leveraging real-time link intelligence and failover management for optimal performance.

Resilient Satellite Backup
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XV Virtual®

Virtual, SDN and NFV Ready

XipOS can be delivered as a virtual machine, whether it is for flexibility for hardware platforms or to support a network built on virtualization. XipLink offers more deployment flexibility than anyone.

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XipLink Appliances

XH-1000 Profile

XipLink offers the most scalable single box optimization solution, leading the market with our capability to handle high throughput satellite systems.