XV Virtual

XipLink's XV product line offers a ready to run virtual machine with all XipOS software capabilities, allowing integrators to select their hardware platform of choice. This makes the XV solution an ideal candidate for deployments into cloud or blade architectures, as well as for embedding onto 3rd party hardware platforms for deployments in specific vertical markets.

All major VM hypervisor systems are supported KVM/QEMU and VMWare ESXi or Player.

The XV solution deployed in a hub environment allows for scalability to address any network. The software configurability enabled software defined networks, with the WAN optimization virtualized as a network function.

Deployed as an integrated solution, the XV is a ready to run solution that can quickly and effectively address deployments where the WAN Optimization complements other functions on a common hardware platform. This is also common for deployments where hardware certification is an issue.

The solution is highly CPU, RAM and storage efficient. It supports VT-x hardware assist.


Fully virtualized deployment

Fully Virtualized Deployment

Native and virtual deployment