XipLink XE: Embedded XipOS

Maximum Capacity saving you time and money

The XipLink’s XE Product Line offers the full acceleration, compression, caching, shaping and optimization capabilities of XipLink technology running highly integrated on your choice of platforms. It also offers configuration flexibility, minimized memory footprint, low processing power and small disk size. The XE Product Line also allows deployment onto small form factors while scaling to very high performance integrated systems depending on the application. The resource utilization can be scaled to the hardware and resources available.

XipLink XE integrates TCP acceleration at the kernel level, offering unparalleled resource efficiency and bounded memory utilization. XipLink XE makes an API available, allowing users to build integrated management solutions and to customize key parameters for their network environment and system architecture. The XE product line offers a slight advantage over the XV Virtual solution as there is no overhead of running a virtual machine hypervisor, however the integration time and effort is much higher and the choice of operating systems is much more confined.


Key Features:

  • Very small footprint
  • Easily portable
  • Operates transparently on IP networks
  • Available for Linux FreeBSD
  • Fully Compatible with XA and XS product line
  • Integrate with your own network hardware
  • Native SCPS-TP and I-PEP support

Example Applications:

  • VSAT terminals
  • Wireless modems
  • Aircraft broadband
  • Mobile terrestrial solutions
  • Client mandated hardware
  • Integrated VPN solutions
  • Broadband networks with latency