Whitepapers and Technical Information Bulletins

XipLink Mobile Backhaul Traffic Steering (MTBS)

This Technology Information Brief outlines the opportunity for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) contemplating roll-out of a 4G/5G network overlay upon their existing 2G/3G networks to utilize the existing microwave backhaul network, instead of having to replace it.

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XipLink Link Estimation - Automatically Track Bandwidth & Link Quality

Networks and wireless links have evolved to become much more dynamic. Beam switching, ACM and changing traffic patterns all drive the need for dynamic and adaptive QoS to deliver on SLAs.

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XipLink Hub Optimizer Overview

This TIB describes how XipLink can be deployed only at the hub of networks and provide substantial bandwidth and user benefits.

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Deploying XipLink XA Units with WCCP

This TIB describes how XipLink can be deployed virtually inline alongside Cisco routers, using the Web Cache Communications Protocol (WCCP).

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Scaling XipLink XA Deployments

While XipLink has world-leading single-unit optimization solution for satellite, in some cases when higher throughput or session count is required, this solution describes some options for scaling for increased capacity using multiple XA appliances.

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GRE Optimization

This TIB describes how XipLink can transparently optimize GRE encapsulated traffic.

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Topology Flexibility

This note describes XipLink's network topology flexibility and how optimized connections are established in Star,
Mesh and Point to Point networks.

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This Technical Information Brief describes how XipLink wireless optimizers are interoperable based on Space Communications Protocol Specification standards.

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