XipOS 3.3 Announcement

August 2011

XipOS Version 3.3 is now generally available. This release introduces many new features and improvements, including:

  • XipLink Real-Time Optimizations provides a typical 50% bandwidth savings for VOIP traffic through compressing and coalescing techniques. Massive reductions in bandwidth for VOIP and other small packet applications! This release incorporates ROHC header compression and combines with the coalescing capability released in version 3.2.
    • ROHC header compression of RTP, UDP, UDPlite and IP packets. Compresses 40 byte VOIP header to 6 bytes or less.
    • Typlcal 50% bandwidth savings for VOIP
    • Typical 25% bandwidth savings for Skype
    • Multiple coalescing queues with DSCP differentiation
    • Integrates directly with QoS management system, including latency bounded queues
  • DNS Caching Transparent Interception allows DNS queries to automatically be intercepted and served from a local cache. DNS caching has become increasingly important with the heavily distributed content delivery systems of leading web sites.
    • Fast user response and small bandwidth savings
  • WCCP Support allows out-of-path deployments alongside Cisco routers, using the Web Cache Communication Protocol. The XA appliance registers itself with the router as a traffic handler, and maintains state using heartbeats. Easier to implement alternative to Policy Based Routing.
    • Can be installed with a single interface
    • Load sharing among multiple XA Appliances for increased scalability
    • Multiple router support
    • Supports both L2 redirection and GRE modes
  • Improved statistics, including the ability to view live statistics graphed on a per-queue/queue basis (such as an entire link, a specific network or protocol). Also includes the abilty to view the breakdown of compression benefits by feature, such as XiPix savings or X2 compression. Statistics can also be exported into csv files.
  • Per-Class feature control allows individual features and options to be controled on a per class basis. For instance, an operator could enable XHO optimizations only for a specific set of users. This also allows operators to more easily deploy mixed Hub-Only and XA Two-Way optimizations together from the same hub appliance.
  • Improved Traffic Assignment Process is an upgrade to the web user interface that improves the management of larger QoS trees and makes selective optimization features easier. It is also important in providing a means to select specific streams of traffic for full VOIP optimization or other ROHC compression profiles.

XipOS 3.3 is available for XA appliance customers with an existing support plan. Contact us for upgrade support or to purchase a support plan. Existing customers can also visit the Customer Portal for Release Notes and to download the software upgrade directly.