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XipLink is the technology leader in developing
wireless bandwidth optimization products
that deliver the industry's fastest ROI.

Link Balancing and Bonding

Maximize availability and capacity
with XipOS adaptive Link Balancing and Bonding.
Choose the right path.

Market Leading Acceleration

Delight users with XipLink's advanced acceleration
techniques that work in concert with
Quality of Service guarantees

Link Balancing and Bonding
Market Leading Acceleration

Richard Hooper of SatTV talks with XipLink

Richard Hooper talks to Jack Waters, CEO, XipLink about the company and its wireless link optimization products, the challenges and what the future holds.

Maximum Capacity
for HTS

XipLink offers the most scalable single box optimization solution, leading the market with our capability to handle high throughput satellite systems.

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Multi-layer Optimization

XipOS offers multi-layer compression and acceleration for all HTTP/TCP/UDP/IP with over 15 years of continuous improvement. Make the most of your bandwidth and delight users.

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Virtual, SDN and NFV Ready

XipOS can be delivered as a virtual machine, whether it is for flexibility for hardware platforms or to support a network built on virtualization. XipLink offers more deployment flexibility than anyone.

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Key Markets Served

Advanced Cellular Compression (ACC)

Advanced Cellular Compression (ACC) solution allows MNOs to boost mobile backhaul throughput, by significantly reducing satellite or microwave bandwidth consumption across the Radio Access Network (RAN). ACC leverages field-proven 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G optimization and acceleration algorithms developed to lower OPEX and improve user experience.

VSAT Networks

XipLink is the established leader for the performance optimization of IP satellite networks.

Military and Government

With DoD standard based SCPS acceleration and total flexibility for deployment to challenging environments, XipOS is the right solution for anything from backhaul to tactical mobile networks.

Maritime Systems

Address the mobility and link access challenges of maritime communications with a solution that provides increased capacity and acceleration. Whether for crew welfare, cell backhaul or high bandwidth passenger access, XipOS can make it an easy cruise.

LTE Backhaul Optimization

LTE Backhaul Optimization

XipLink can optimize LTE backhaul for:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Big Bandwidth Savings with XipLink's Advanced
    Cellular Compression (ACC) technology
  • Enhanced Quality of Service
  • Combine with LBB and other technologies