Frequently Asked Questions

What are the maximum number of sessions per unit and what happens when the maximum is hit?

When the maximum number of TCP sessions are hit, additional sessions are bypassed from optimization but will continue to work.

Can XipOS optimize GRE encapsulated tunnels?

Yes. The GRE tunnels will be unpacked, optimized, and repacked into an identical tunnel. See the GRE Optimization Technical Information Bulletin.

Is an XA appliance deployed as a bridge or a router?

An appliance can be installed as a bridge, router or several other options such as using Policy Based Routing or WCCP. Please consult with a XipLink systems engineer for further information.

Is it complicated to select the right product and product options for my application?

XipLink makes product selection easy. Products are generally selected based on the bandwidth of the network. Simple! Hub optimizers for Internet access networks have one single option: the XipLink Hub Optimization option.