Optimizing aviation communications

Aviation internet and private network communications are often characterized by variable bandwidth and quality, a high cost of connectivity, multiple links and non-continuous link availabilities. XipOS is the optimal solution and has been deployed into hundreds of commercial and private aircraft.

XipOS can be embedded into an aviation certified hardware platform. XipOS offers bandwidth optimization, ensuring user experience satisfaction, as well as bandwidth saving techniques to enable more users to make use of scarce bandwidth.

In some cases, multiple links are available, and use XipLink's Link Balancing and Bonding technology.

XipLink technology is currently being used to accelerate TCP/IP communications for applications including:

  • Private business jet aircrafts
  • Large commercial carriers

XipLink's XE embedded systems software or XV Virtual Machine XipLink offers system integrators the greatest flexibility to install wireless optimizers in unique environments.

As always, XipLink stands ready to assist any interested OEM partners to private label their own wireless optimization products based on the XipLink family of solutions.